Project Ideas

Affirmations Quilt

Materials: Colored construction Paper, Pencils, Sharpies, Tape


  1. Think of as many positive affirmations as you can. Feel free to use these sites for FB_IMG_1472424427059inspiration: Eating Disorder Affirmations, Self Affirmations, Positive Affirmations, Self-Esteem Affirmations, Affirmations for Self-Love.
  2. Use each piece of construction paper to write down your affirmations: we recommend you use one affirmation per paper.
  3. After all the affirmations are written and decorated, tape all the papers together in a quilt-like fashion
  4. Tape the quilt to a wall, door, or anywhere where it can visibly be seen! Use it as a
    reminder of all the greatness life has to offer and all the positive qualities you have ❤



Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Materials: Poster Paper/Construction Paper, Scissors, Pencil, tape, Colored Pencils/Markers/Crayons/etc.


  1. Think about all the positive qualities that you value in yourself and those that you would like to remind yourself that you have! Write them down.
  2. Add several positive affirmations to your list: ex. “I deserve happiness”, “I value IMG_20160828_182855myself”, “I love myself”, etc.
  3. Use your poster paper/construction paper to create 3-D or bubble-lettered drawings of the words and phrases that you have on your list. IMG_20160828_182939
  4. Use your scissors to cut out each word/phrase.
  5. Decorate each word/phrase.
  6. Use your tape to post the words/phrases around your mirror.
  7. Whenever you look in the mirror, read your positive affirmations and valued qualities to remind yourself how great and deserving you are ❤


Wall Tattoo

Materials: Wall, Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Decorating Utensils (Sharpies, Markers, Pens, etc.)


  1. Think about a word, phrase, or positive affirmation(s) that motivates or inspires you
  2. Use your paper and pencil to sketch the word, phrase, or positive affirmation(s) (you will be using this as a blueprint for when you go to draw on your wall)
  3. Take your pencil and (BIG) eraser and find a large, empty wall space that you can write onIMG_20160828_183111 (1).jpg
  4. Write/Draw your word, phrase, or positive affirmation(s) on the wall: we recommend that you use as much space as possible – the wall is your canvas!
  5. Decorate your writing/drawing or leave it black and white
  6. When you walk into your room, always look and read your word, phrase, positive affirmation(s) to motivate and inspire yourself ❤