Our Organization

Welcome to Need to bEAT, an initiative working towards spreading awareness of and educating about eating disorders, while raising money for eating disorder research. It serves as a venue for men and women to share their first- or second- hand experiences, stories and struggles with eating disorders in an effort to destigmatize these mental illnesses and show that nobody, ever, suffers alone. Need to bEAT additionally strives to promote self-acceptance – one that is fierce, courageous, unapologetic and whole. As an organization, its intention is to be the front-runner in fighting society’s fat-phobia through educating youth that healthy and happy come in all different shapes and sizes: every individual’s body and soul is unique, different, strong and beautiful in its very own way. Rooted in the tenants of inner- happiness, worth, freedom and peace, Need to bEAT works to connect all individuals in society – those who personally suffer, those who have someone close suffering and those who simply have an interest in learning more and expanding awareness –  to build a community of support, love and understanding so that those who do suffer gain the courage to embrace the life-changing, eye-opening and beautiful journey of recovery.

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