How to Approach the Struggles of a New Cycle or Chapter of Life

Author: Valery B. As humans, we live our lives in a compilation of cycles, a parcel of beginnings and endings that close and open chapters. Everyone bases their compilation of cycles on different things: some like to view them in terms of age, such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood and so forth, while others associate them [...]

The Importance of Being Open About Your Negative Emotions

Author: Lauren S. Every living person in this world has the right to be completely open and honest about how they are feeling; however, often, an individual may hide their emotions due to fear. Many people fear that others will look at them differently if they are open about their emotions, whether those emotions are [...]

EDNOS: My Experience With the Unnoticed Disorder

Author: Lauren S. EDNOS, also known as ‘Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified,’ is an eating disorder where an individual experiences the dangerous behaviors of eating disorders but does not meet the criteria for bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, or binge eating disorder. A common misconception with eating disorders is that to have an eating disorder, the [...]

Time to Start the Conversation: There Is Nothing Wrong With Asking for Help

Author: Valery B We talk about diminishing the stigma around mental health, but what about acknowledging the stigma around asking for help?  At 11-years-old, I had my first, face-to-face encounter with mental health. I do not remember exactly what led me to open the internet and look up symptoms of depression, but there I was, 11-years-old, looking [...]

Self-Care Requires Distancing Yourself From Hurtful People in Your Life

Author: Valery B. If anyone makes you feel inadequate, that person does not belong in your life. Whether it is a friend, a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, uncle, cousin, a neighbor, a teacher, or anyones else, if a person brings you down, always looks for the things that are wrong with you, does not [...]

Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Positivity Are the Best Remedies for Conquering and Overcoming Any Obstacle

Author: Valery B. The other day, something pretty extraordinary happened to me - something that had never happened before. I got up in the morning, ready to start my usual routine, when I looked into the mirror and noticed the blemishes that were spread across my face: a patch of skin here, darker than the [...]

Why You and I Need to Stop Being So Negative About Ourselves

Author: Valery B. For the past four years of my life, I lived each and every day with a negative outlook on my environment and the people within it. Whether that negativity showed up as demeaning self-talk or as anxiety that everyone around me was judging my every word and action, I would live life [...]

My Experience with Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder

Author: Lauren S Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder is a mental disorder in which the person may be undergoing a sort of out-of-body experience. Whoever is suffering from this disorder may feel loosened from their body or surroundings and may feel that their life is ceased by unreality. Dealing with this disorder is absolutely terrifying, or at least [...]