Going to College With a Mental Health Concern

Author: Valery B. Starting college is a nerve-racking and exciting process, an event unlike any other experienced by eighteen and nineteen year olds thus far. For many of us, college is the first time we branch away from our families. Some of us travel far, while others close, but regardless of the distance, we all [...]

Time to Start the Conversation: There Is Nothing Wrong With Asking for Help

Author: Valery B We talk about diminishing the stigma around mental health, but what about acknowledging the stigma around asking for help?  At 11-years-old, I had my first, face-to-face encounter with mental health. I do not remember exactly what led me to open the internet and look up symptoms of depression, but there I was, 11-years-old, looking [...]

Winning a Battle Over Depression and Anxiety: Sara’s Story

Author: Sara B. When dealing with a mental illness, reaching out for help can be extremely taunting and hard.  I am sharing my story with you so that you can see how I went from hiding my pain to talking to others and searching for the correct treatment that could help me get better.  I [...]

My Depression and Anxiety Are Not Who I Am: Sarah’s Story

Author: Sarah M. I am not my anxiety. I am not my panic disorder. I am not my depression, and I am not my suicidal ideations. I am not my irrational thoughts about not wanting to leave my house. I am not my thoughts about wanting to crash my car, and I am not dramatic. [...]

I Will Rise: Lauren’s Story

Author: Lauren S. Mental illnesses are becoming more and more common. In my honest opinion, I feel that everyone deals with a mental illness at some point in their lives; however, no matter what disorder someone may be battling, there is always a possibility to recover. Help is always available, no matter what. I was [...]

Prioritize Yourself and Your Health

Author: Valery B. On the day that I was hospitalized for anorexia and bulimia, I vowed to myself that I would do everything in my power – once I got better – to help people in similar situations gain the courage, strength and bravery to speak out about their struggles and to seek help. I [...]

Nobody Saw Me Dying: A Struggle with Depression and Suicide

Author: Valery B. Not too long ago, I stood by my bathroom window, my head touching the cold glass. My eyes were staring into the grey mist of the world, while tears streamed down my cheeks. The moment was marked by silence. Nobody saw me. Nobody heard me. I was standing and crying – as I [...]

Anxiety as Seen Through the College Process

Author: Valery B. As I press the 'submit' button on my last application, I cannot help feeling the anxious excitement that comes over me: I have just sent in the documentations that would determine my future. Over the past decade, the world has seen a spike in college applications, as millions of teenagers send in [...]

Learning to Pursue Success Despite Failure

Author: Valery B. With summer waning down and the school year just around the corner, many students are anxiously awaiting and preparing for the challenges to come. Whether they are taking a plethora of difficult classes, managing dozens of clubs and after-school activities, or preparing for standardized tests, millions of children, adolescents and young adults [...]

Deciding to feED: Alex’s Story

Author: Alex K. To be completely honest, my story - from what I can remember - basically feels like a big puzzle with chunks of missing pieces; however, what I can remember is not what I would consider a story about me but rather a story about ED. I liked to refer to my eating [...]