The Importance of Being Open About Your Negative Emotions

Author: Lauren S.

DSC_0050Every living person in this world has the right to be completely open and honest about how they are feeling; however, often, an individual may hide their emotions due to fear. Many people fear that others will look at them differently if they are open about their emotions, whether those emotions are positive or negative. They feel that they may be seen as weak or impotent, or they may dread disapproval. They may simply shove their feelings away, thinking that they are diverting.

In reality, however, expressing emotions has many astonishing benefits. Not only will it help you feel better about yourself, it also may help other people know that they aren’t the only ones dealing with similar emotions, especially if those emotions are negative or uncomfortable.

For years, I lived in fear of showing my true emotions. On the daily occurrence of getting asked how I was doing, I always replied by saying, “I’m fine,” even when that was far from true. It became a habit that always insisted that I was feeling good and nothing was wrong when, in reality, I severely wanted to truthfully tell someone how I was feeling: empty, alone, and scared. My intense fear of losing friends due to my mental illnesses held me back and made life even harder.

Everyone feels negative emotions, and although I think the world is a happier place with people that promote positive energy, people who have a negative energy should never hold on to that energy in secrecy. Keeping things bottled in can easily make things worse and cause anxiety and a plethora of other mental health problems, which is why it is recommended that anyone dealing with negativity should get professional help and talk to someone.

Being open about negative emotions gives others the ability to understand what you are going through, which, in turn, make it easier to help you.

Opening up helps us realize that, no matter what, we are not alone in the world. Negative emotions are something that everyone has to deal with, and they should never be held in.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your negative feelings. No one should be ashamed of their emotions. Do not hesitate to talk to someone you are comfortable with about how you are feeling.

-Lauren S.


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