Welcome to Need to bEAT, an initiative raising money for eating disorder research and diminishing the stigma around mental illnesses. With a focus on self-love and inner beauty, peace and happiness, Need to bEAT encourages us to celebrate our inner selves, while openly acknowledging our struggles. Sharing stories of hope, love and support, n2bEAT highlights that nobody struggles alone and invites us to embrace the recovery and freedom we can attain from any mental health issue. 

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What is bEAT?

E – Educate

A – Advocate

T – Terminate


The 21st century world has placed the power of education and advocacy in our hands, giving us the ability to impact great change. This change can be applied to any faction of society; however, where it needs to be applied right now is mental health awareness. Through education and advocacy, we have the power to terminate the stigma associated not only with eating disorders, but also with all mental illnesses. It only takes one voice to make the world listen to the importance of mental health.

What is bEAT?

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Recovery from Eating Disorders: Struggles and Setbacks

Author: Val Berenshtein Recovering from a mental illness… is one of the hardest things anyone can undergo. It is a scary, confusing, debilitating process that pushes an individual to blindly step into the unknown and place his or her trust in an intangible idea: overcoming the darkness and finding the light. I can attest first … Continue reading Recovery from Eating Disorders: Struggles and Setbacks

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